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OH MY!!!

Oh My! how time flies… Just updating this to let you all know I’m still alive! 🙂  ehh.. nothing exciting going on for me at the moment.  This summer is kind of a bust.  It’s so hot will & I don’t really wanna be outside.  Since this summer is slow, let me tell you about last year’s summer!

So… Summer 2008… Will & I were on a MISSION!  we hit up a different beach EVERY WEEKEND.  I kid you not.  It was awwwwwwesome!  The farthest we reached was Pismo Beach which was 3 hours away.  That also ended up being my favorite beach as well.  The pictures are on my non working laptop, but I’m gonna get it fixed so for sure I’ll share some of the beach pictures by the end of this summer.  Oh yeah, Diann came with us to almost every single beach.  There was a couple she had to miss out on though because she had to go on her Alaska Cruise…

We’ve only got one car this summer & she’s not very reliable for long drives.  Although Dora (my explorer) has never failed me (thank God), I wouldn’t risk taking her on such long drives at her age.   So now, we’re shopping for another one.  Will said if we can get one before the summer ends, he’ll definitely take me up to San Francisco cuz I haven’t been up there in sooooo long.  I’ll visit my aunts & uncles and most likely stop by San Jose to see Caroline 🙂

Alright I’m gonna go for now.  Gotta get ready for work…

I leave you with a beautiful Malibu Summer Sunset (not taken by me)

sunset summer


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My Sunday…

Soooo I fell asleep early last night like around 12am.  Lately I’ve been sleeping like 4 hours a night so by nature I woke up at like 4:30am.  gaaaaah….

I couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to just stay up and wait til around 8am.  I told my brother about the $1 parking lot sale on La Brea a couple weeks back and figured I might as well take him today since I’m actually up this early on a Sunday.  I went to go wake him up & we left… still in our pajamas.  We finally get there and it was all womens clothing.  Now keep in mind, I’ve never been there before… only heard of it and didn’t know what to expect.  I thought the stuff would have been new.  But… as soon as we walked up… the smell of old vintage clothes greeted us.  We took one look, turned around and went back to the car.  We actually went there to look for some shirts for him, but it was all girls clothes anyways.  *gag* -BIG FAIL

The next cross street was Melrose… so I figured I’d go to the Sunday Flea Market @  Fairfax High on the corner of Melrose & Fairfax.  We get there and you had to pay to get it.  Good thing we had our student IDs.  It only cost $1.  Once we got in… we started walking around and realized it was just people’s crap that they couldn’t bear to throw away.  I looked at a couple things, but these were not yard sale prices.  They were OVERPRICED attic crap.  Since we paid to go in, we decided to just walk around the whole thing. Same ol’ Same ‘ol….  Finally we decided to head to the exit.  I thought this whole thing was gonna be a complete bust.  On the way out we spotted new sun glasses for sale so he stopped to take a look at some.  He ended up picking up a pair that’s completely blacked out dark.  He said it would be perfect for riding his bike because the sun can blind you (I wouldn’t know cuz I use my visor in the car, and I haven’t ridden a bike in God knows how long). -SEMI FAIL

On our way back home, we drove by Pink’s Hot Dog stand and saw that there was no line.  I’ve never even seen without a line that slithered around the facility so we had to stop & get something.  So there we ordered Spicy Polish Sausages at 9:45 in the morning (yummmm). -WIN

After we finish eating, we see Target & Ulta so I decide to stop & check out the Ulta sale that started today.  We see people inside, but when we tried to open the door, it was locked!  Turns out they don’t open til 11 on Sundays and it was only 10:28… we had no patience for this shenanigans & left. -FAIL

Finally I drop him off at home and I call Patrick (my nail guy) and he tells me “If you come now, I do you nail fo you.”  So ofcourse I jump on the freeway and head on over there.  The second I get there, he boots the girl @ his station to another station and had someone else finish her mani.   He does mines exactly like how I wanted them done and as always, my color choices was a WIN. 🙂

Manicure of the week: China Glaze – Black Diamond (2 coats), Orly – Love Each Other on top (1 coat), then topped with Seche Vite Top Coat.


It’s now 1:07pm and the sand man is starting to kick my ass… dammit… this is gonna mess up my sleeping rotation again… -FAIL


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Happy 4th Of July!!!

flag fireworks

Hey to all my U.S. readers out there… 🙂  I am now convinced I have more than just 3!!! (so excited)  I just wanted to wish ya’ll a Happy 4th of July!  Please be safe… but by all means… PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR!!! Tell me what ya’ll got planned today!  As for me, got back into bed after a nice long shower….



checkout the site:

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Here are a few pictures to show you what I had in mind… lemme know what you think will suite me best 🙂  ya’ll have seen enuff pics of my mugg.


Cameron         Jessica Alba        ????              ?????#2


random asian girl


Kim Kardashian


random asian girl #2 (on the right)


Isla Fisher

I’m liking Jessica Alba’s curls (Picture at the top 2nd from the left in the row of 4 pictures)

If you guys have any good pictures PLEASE LINK ME in the comments below!!! 🙂  TOODLES!!!

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EEEEEEEKS!!! still bored w/ THE HAIR!

Sooooooooo… after a ton of reading online… I’ve decided to go ahead and take the plunge and get a Digital Perm 🙂

Im so tired of looking all blah and plainjane.  My hair falls flat and limp and its just stupid stupid asian hair.  I’m aiming for the big loose curls that i can easily pull down a bit and make it look like big waves.  I’ve got an appointment set up for Saturday @ 5pm & I’m scared as heck.  I’ve decided to go to THE  HAIR EPOCH in Japan town seeing as they probably are the ones with the most experience when it comes to dealing with my hair type.

Anyhoos.. IM EXCITED!  I’ll post pics up later of what I’m hoping it will look like! 🙂

BTW.. sorry I’ve been MIA. It’s been a BUSY month… but I’ll do a full update soon.


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Free Napoleon Perdis Lipgloss @ Topanga Mall…


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hiiii =^_^=

alright everyone! welcome me to wordpress 🙂

im @ work right now. i’ll blog later… PEACE!

leave me alone im busy working

leave me alone im busy working

thanks to mz. JD for giving me a nudge to get back into blogging 🙂

love you cousin!  look what i stole from ur blog!

mz.JD is in the middle, isabel on the left & guilia on the right… so precious 🙂


so pretty 🙂



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