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Im not afraid of mattes anymore!!!

YES!!! I finally overcame my fear of matte eyeshadows and I’m ecstatic!  Thanks to the L’oreal HIP Matte Duos, I was able to successfully do some complete eye looks.  The colors they put together in the duos matched PERFECTLY.. 🙂  Here are some of the pictures I took one night…  please excuse the brows…. they needed to be plucked… BAD

HIP Matte Duo in PERKY

HIP Matte Duo in PERKY

HIP Matte Duo in ANIMATED (excuse the smudged liner)

HIP Matte Duo in ANIMATED (excuse the smudged liner)

Here's both... Left: PERKY  Right:  ANIMATED

Here's both... Left: PERKY Right: ANIMATED

HIP Matte Duos in STRIKING

HIP Matte Duos in STRIKING

BONUS: (this is not HIP Duos)... its MAC Passion & Sketch

BONUS: (this is not HIP Duos)... its MAC Passion & Sketch

Here's both... Left:  STRIKING  Right:  PASSION & SKETCH

Here's both... Left: STRIKING Right: PASSION & SKETCH

Been working on my blending skills and I must say I’m improving 🙂  I’ve got 2 more HIP Matte Duos I gotta do a look with, but I’ll save those for another post.


check out:



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Accidental Lunch Time Haul…


So I went to grab some lunch today @ the Korean market & decided to peruse the cosmetics/bath aisle and found a couple interesting things!

First thing on the left is the Japanese Shiseido Perfect Oil Cleansing Oil.  Cleansing Oil is an AMAZING thing to clean ur face off at night and this piqued my curiosity.  I’ve tried a few and this was one I haven’t tried.

The bottle in the middle is a Japanese Shiseido misting spray.  I guess it’s suppose to do what MAC’s Fix + does.  You spray it on your face after you’ve done your makeup and it refreshes you.  It’s called face & body lotion on the bottle.  I tried it and I actually like the way it feels! 🙂  It keeps my makeup looking fresh throughout the day so YAY! I’m excited about it!

Then the bottle to the very right is a Japanese(?) or Korean(?) brand foaming face wash.  It’s PEACH scented and it smells WONDERFULLY PEACHY!  I couldn’t resist… it smelled too good.  I probably looked crazy at the store sniffing the tube a couple times before I threw it in my basket.

And last but not least, the infamous Glossimer I know none of you missed lying down across the picture.  That right there is my FIRST Chanel Glossimer in Sungold.  It’s ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  And NO… I know all of you are wondering: “what grocery store sells Chanel?” hehehe… I got it from the cosmetics boutique NEXT DOOR to the market.  It was their last one and it was a total steal for $15 (retail: $27)!!! So ofcourse I said my 4 famous words “SURE I’LL TAKE IT!”  I’m loving the gloss. It’s so NOT sticky like other glosses… I have a feeling this is the beginning of a BAD obsession.  I’ve already gotten myself into a BAD EXPENSIVE obsession with balls… Guerlain Meteorites Balls (you nasty minded you!)

visit the site:

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I feel prettttyyyy…. oh so pretttyyyyy…

I’ve been in a makeup and hair rut for a few good weeks.  Maybe even months.  It started with the makeup.  I was not putting any on! just foundation to even out skin tone and thats about it. NO eyebrows, no liner, no gloss (maybe some chapstick).  I got tired of looking at myself looking like death was looming behind me so I decided maybe if I get my hair done (digiperm), it’ll inspire me to start getting all made up again.  That didn’t happen.  I still went with my same old routine of throwing my hair  up with my lil hair stick.  The only difference was, it had a little more style than when I use to just tie it up and it would be stick straight.  I don’t know where the inspiration came from… maybe watching youtube tutorials? idk… but its back and I hope it’s here to stay… 🙂  This is me today:  Happy and Smiling!


and noooo… I’m not gonna list a breakdown of my FOTD.  If u wanna know just ask 🙂

Today is also my first day of using Guerlain Meteorite Balls on my face and its FAAAAANTASTIC!!! i LOVE it 🙂  It gives a nice finish as a setting powder.


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A lil sumptin’ sumptin’ mmmm hmmmm

So I’ve been very bad at updating.  Especially my hauls and what not.  April was a busy haul month for me and hopefully i find some time to catch you all up to date.  May came and I slowed down on the spending cuz I just didn’t want anything anymore.  …… but of course that didnt last long.  Its now towards the end of May and I was walking around when I came across a lil boutique.  I went in, walked around and decided… EH =/  i could live without all this.  NO need to spend.  Just as I was headed out, a stack of pink boxes caught my eyes.  Sitting on top of it was the testers… lo and behold… there sat little mini Guerlain Meteorite BALLS!!!  I’ve been curious about these, but the price of the full size was what kept my curiosity in the bag.  BUT when I saw the set of THREE of their most popular colors, they stuck in my mind.  I didn’t initially buy it because I wasn’t sure if they were real.  I went back to a computer and did some research.  Turns out this set was an Asia exclusive and that it was not available in the U.S.  YEPPPP that kinda sold me over.  Having something not many have… 🙂  so of course, I went back after work and picked up a set for myself…  HERE ARE MY PRECIOUS:


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My Skincare Regimen.

Just thought I’d share 🙂  I’m soooooo LOVING it and within a week my skin has never looked better!!!

PM routine:

microdelivery-wash1) Philosophy’s Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash – If I have been wearing makeup during the day, I use this to make sure it’s been scrubbed off.

purity2) Philosophy’s Purity – I wash my face with this every night.  When I have no makeup on, I skip #1 and just use this.


3) Origins: Make a Difference Skin Rejuvenating Treatment – I dry my face then use this all over my face including my eyes.

youthopia4) Origins: Youthopia – I top off step #3 with Youthopia.  Helps reverse or prevent aging 🙂

a-perfect-world-for-eyes5) Origins: A Perfect World for Eyes – I use this under my eyes

eye-dr6) Origins: Eye Doctor – I use this to moisturize my eyelids

AM routine:

If I’m feeling oily, I’ll wash my face with the Purity face wash. Then…

a-perfect-world1) Origins: A Perfect World Cream – Just a VERY THIN layer

have-a-nice-day-spf152) Origins: Have a Nice Day SPF15 – To help protect me from the sun 🙂

a-perfect-world-for-eyes3) Origins: A Perfect World for Eyes – I use this under my eyes

eye-dr4) Origins: Eye Doctor – I use this to moisturize my eyelids

*PHEW!*  That’s a lot BUT omg… it feels so good throughout the day and I’ve never seen my skin so balanced and even toned ^_^

OH BY THE WAY… I try to use this 3x a week.  It just leaves my face so smooth and soft.   I do this after I wash, before I moisturize

modern-friction3x a week – Origins: Modern Friction

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LooKie LooKie LooKie wat my mum bought me! :-)

My mummy was shopping on e-bay n seemed like she was in a happy mood so i said “hey wanna buy me something?”  she said yes so i went to my favorite smashbox store on e-bay n she bought me a palette! 🙂 It’s purrty.  I think it’s gonna be my FOTD for tomorrow…

cimg3962 cimg3963







If you want to buy some Smashbox at GREAAAAAAT prices visit SMASHLOLO’s (Lauren) e-bay store!  You won’t regret visiting her store 🙂

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120 Palette has finally made its way to me!

My 120 palette finally made it home safely! 🙂  I ordered this on E-Bay from Hong Kong and took about 1 1/2 weeks to get here…

Mr. Mailman brought it today in the biggest envelope ever!!! When i opened it, it was wrapped in a year’s supply of bubble wrap.  So yay for me.. more swap wrapping for Dee!  Unlike other people, I wasn’t disappointed with the size because I read that this palette is not that big.  So I guess I kinda prepared myself for it.  Each eyeshadow is exactly the size of a dime.  So you get just enough where you don’t get sick of it.

Here it is…. ain’t it purrrrty???

120 Palette

120 Palette


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