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I’m BACK… and out of my rut…

Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long… had a bunch of stuff going on (nothing major) just a lot of little things, so I decided I need to get my shit straight before I start broadcasting my life again.

So… school has finally started 😦  It’s a slow semester for me.  I’ve got 2 classes:

  • Monday: Econ1
  • Tuesday: Business Communications

Business is going great as far as is concerned.  (don’t forget to visit the site <–)

AAAAAAAAAAAND… I got a new job! yay! 🙂  I’m in a new office now… surrounded by WONDERFUL, POSITIVE people.  I couldn’t be happier!


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Sorry for the idleness… my life is in teh suck mode right now….

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Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos…

SOOOOO I’ve been contemplating this for sometime now…

I KNOW I KNOW!!!… before you all get your panties (and briefs/boxers) in a bunch, I know it’s permanent…. BUT BUT.. I’m tired of drawing them on EVERYDAY!!!

Plus you’ll be happy to hear I’ve done my research and found a new kind called “Hair Stroke Eyebrow Tattoos.”  It looks totally natural cuz they actually draw HAIR where its sparse.  OH AND… its SEMI-PERMANENT!  It lasts about 3 years then you have to get it retouched again!  Here are some before and after pictures:

hair stroke eyebrow tattoos

***MOST of them look natural….

But yeah… If I can get this done, it would save me SO MUCH TIME in the morning…. I mean I have some brows… but they’re very sparse and well… it looks non-existent from far away.

So what do you guys think??? EVERYONE please comment & tell me whether it’s a good idea or a bad idea.  I’m in Hollywood, California but willing to travel the LA County area if you have a recommendation on someone good!  All suggestions are welcome….

btw, check out my site:


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Guess who’s back????

aaaaaaaaaah got you!!! it’s just me 🙂

A couple things about the picture….

It’s JULY and YES… that is a CHRISTMAS WREATH hanging behind me.  We bought Christmas decorations last Christmas and we didn’t realize we’d have nowhere to put it after the holidays was over…. so yeahh… it’s been Christmas at the Robinson-Delacruz residence all year round :-), but we don’t mind.  We like it.  Christmas brings good cheers to everyone and our home always feels like a holiday anyway.


Okay… so many things to catch you guys up on.  As some of you may know, I’m off on Wednesdays now.  I haven’t had a weekday off (unless it was a major holiday) since I started working when I was 17 (I’m now 24 for those of you wondering!!)  I was a WORKAHOLIC and couldn’t bear the thought of losing one day of work cuz that’s one day less on my check.  BUT I’ve come to realize that money is not all that important.  I mean yes, I’m on my hustle, I’m on my grind and that’s a good quality trait there… but it’s not worth my sanity.  I started to realize I was working my butt off like if I had a family to feed or something.  I also realized that my 20’s are flying right by me and I need to slow down a bit.  Plus I also had to get used to the idea of not working so much cuz once I transfer to the University it’s gonna be school first and work second.

I feel I’ve accomplished some things in my life that not a lot of people my age have been able to do, so I’m not too worried about getting a late start with school.  (I took some time off to do some soul searching after highschool & stuff a.k.a partying)  BUT during these times, I figured out what I wanted to do with life which is what a lot of people have a hard time figuring out WHILE in school.  In turn, they end up taking a bunch of classes they don’t need because they realized that they wanted to change their major.

I’ve been trying my best to make my Wednesdays as productive as possible.  Mostly putting time and effort into the business.  I’m sitting here twiddling my thumbs at the moment though because all the inventory has been ordered and now I’m just waiting for them to get here so that the REAL work can start.  I’m SUPER excited and I just pray everything will work out for me.  My goal is to use this business to help me get by while I’m in school so that I don’t have to worry about working set hours.  I’ll be able to work from home!

OH YEAH you guys!  I’ve also made a BIG sacrifice.  I’ve turned my makeup room into my office!  I mean it’s still my makeup room… BUT now there’s a big giant work space table in there for me to do all my work on.  Plus its holding up my GINORMOUS 23″ monitor cuz after all, my business will be done on the computer so it’s only right I spoil myself a bit…. (lmao- I’m horrible)

I’ll take a pic of the re-done space once I clean it up.  It’s a big freakin mess.  The inventory is coming in little by little and I have nowhere to put it at the moment so it’s all over the floor and the table.

Alright I’m gonna sign off for now… be back later!

visit the site:

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So I’ve been totally neglecting my blog & I’m really sorry my faithful readers 😦  there’s about 3 of you I think. lol…

But I’ve been away for a good cause.  I have been working on my new website.  It’s still under construction… but you guys can take a peek at

I’ve recently become an official business owner (like recognized by the state and all!!!)  I’ve been trying to figure out what I’ll be offering on my site.  I know there’s gonna be all the stuff you need to press pigments (26mm pans, palettes, magnets, labels & such,) some personalized palettes, makeup, and eventually traincases too! 🙂  Anyone with suggestions: PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME A HOLLER!

Alright off to tinker around with the site a bit more.  Love you alls…


(logo made by the one and only: ktb8293.  she’s awesome)


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I feel prettttyyyy…. oh so pretttyyyyy…

I’ve been in a makeup and hair rut for a few good weeks.  Maybe even months.  It started with the makeup.  I was not putting any on! just foundation to even out skin tone and thats about it. NO eyebrows, no liner, no gloss (maybe some chapstick).  I got tired of looking at myself looking like death was looming behind me so I decided maybe if I get my hair done (digiperm), it’ll inspire me to start getting all made up again.  That didn’t happen.  I still went with my same old routine of throwing my hair  up with my lil hair stick.  The only difference was, it had a little more style than when I use to just tie it up and it would be stick straight.  I don’t know where the inspiration came from… maybe watching youtube tutorials? idk… but its back and I hope it’s here to stay… 🙂  This is me today:  Happy and Smiling!


and noooo… I’m not gonna list a breakdown of my FOTD.  If u wanna know just ask 🙂

Today is also my first day of using Guerlain Meteorite Balls on my face and its FAAAAANTASTIC!!! i LOVE it 🙂  It gives a nice finish as a setting powder.


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This is gonna be a quick post.  It’s late and I’m tired…

oOokay the only decent pictures I have of my old hair was an old one, but that’s not the point.  It’s for you to compare before and after! LOL

gray shirt

BEFORE - Flat, Limp, Fine, Asian Hair... 😦

AFTER - Full of Body, Waves, Curls and VOLUME!!! :-)

AFTER - Full of Body, Waves, Curls and VOLUME!!! 🙂

Ya ya ya… I know it’s hard to see… So i’ll have to take more pictures.  But this should hold ya’ll over until then.  I just posted this since you guys keep asking.  I just had a little help with velcro rollers to give the volume up top :-).  alrighty.. g’night. comment whether its a Yay or Nay…


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