My awesome friend Melanie always comes to work in the hottest shoes… and it seemed like everyday, I was always saying “HOT SHOES” to her.

I’m sitting at my desk thinking “gosh damn.. this woman is so busy with all her endeavors and what not, how does she have time to go shopping for hot shoes???”

Finally after about a week, she says to me… “you know i get all my shoes from

I thought maybe she just goes shopping online, BUT she went on talking and told me about their monthly membership program. oooooooooooooooooooooooooh!

So I hopped on over there and checked out what it was about and I was SOLD!  (if you wanna know, go there and read. It’s simple. Don’t make me type it all out)

This was last week.  I filled out the profile survey and a few days later an email was sent to me with 5 different shoes to choose from… and this is what I chose for the month of September:

Minerva Shoes (September Choice)

Minerva Shoes (September Choice)

What do ya’ll think?  Hot or Not?  Of course I don’t know how comfy these will be until they get here… BUT the great thing is, if I don’t like it… I can return it hassle free 🙂

don’t forget to visit my website:

toodles~~  mzdeedeelicious


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