OH MY!!!

Oh My! how time flies… Just updating this to let you all know I’m still alive! 🙂  ehh.. nothing exciting going on for me at the moment.  This summer is kind of a bust.  It’s so hot will & I don’t really wanna be outside.  Since this summer is slow, let me tell you about last year’s summer!

So… Summer 2008… Will & I were on a MISSION!  we hit up a different beach EVERY WEEKEND.  I kid you not.  It was awwwwwwesome!  The farthest we reached was Pismo Beach which was 3 hours away.  That also ended up being my favorite beach as well.  The pictures are on my non working laptop, but I’m gonna get it fixed so for sure I’ll share some of the beach pictures by the end of this summer.  Oh yeah, Diann came with us to almost every single beach.  There was a couple she had to miss out on though because she had to go on her Alaska Cruise…

We’ve only got one car this summer & she’s not very reliable for long drives.  Although Dora (my explorer) has never failed me (thank God), I wouldn’t risk taking her on such long drives at her age.   So now, we’re shopping for another one.  Will said if we can get one before the summer ends, he’ll definitely take me up to San Francisco cuz I haven’t been up there in sooooo long.  I’ll visit my aunts & uncles and most likely stop by San Jose to see Caroline 🙂

Alright I’m gonna go for now.  Gotta get ready for work…

I leave you with a beautiful Malibu Summer Sunset (not taken by me)

sunset summer


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