Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos…

SOOOOO I’ve been contemplating this for sometime now…

I KNOW I KNOW!!!… before you all get your panties (and briefs/boxers) in a bunch, I know it’s permanent…. BUT BUT.. I’m tired of drawing them on EVERYDAY!!!

Plus you’ll be happy to hear I’ve done my research and found a new kind called “Hair Stroke Eyebrow Tattoos.”  It looks totally natural cuz they actually draw HAIR where its sparse.  OH AND… its SEMI-PERMANENT!  It lasts about 3 years then you have to get it retouched again!  Here are some before and after pictures:

hair stroke eyebrow tattoos

***MOST of them look natural….

But yeah… If I can get this done, it would save me SO MUCH TIME in the morning…. I mean I have some brows… but they’re very sparse and well… it looks non-existent from far away.

So what do you guys think??? EVERYONE please comment & tell me whether it’s a good idea or a bad idea.  I’m in Hollywood, California but willing to travel the LA County area if you have a recommendation on someone good!  All suggestions are welcome….

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5 responses to “Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattoos…

  1. I like the second and fifth one. But you have to be really careful and research the person who will do your eyebrow. Make sure they have good artistry. I’m not a fan of tattooed eyebrows because when you get older the skin sags and so do those eyebrows.

    • Daryl Jane

      Hi! Thanks for commenting. This idea is currently on the back burner now. I spoke with Tonya Crooks (eyebrow artist to the stars) and she suggested I try other methods of growing it naturally before doing something so radical. She suggested i invest in some Latisse (used for eyelash growth) and use it on my eyebrows. She says she’s had clients try this and they are all calling her back very thrilled. The Latisse may be $99 or more.. but the tattoo is around $300 so I guess it makes sense to try it even though it sounds a bit much. I’ll keep everyone posted! & again. Thanks for reading!

  2. Then it’s GOT to be a Dela Cruz thing BECAUSE I have no eyebrows too 😦 GGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO for it! I would. I draw mines on every morning too. Some days don’t look as good as other days so I would so do it 😀

    • Daryl Jane

      LMAO! actually i’m holding off on it. Eyebrow Artist to the Stars Tonya Crooks has advised me to hold off a bit and encouraged me to try other methods before taking the extreme plunge. She suggested I invest in a bottle of Latisse (for eyelash growth) and apply to the brows. she says it makes the hair grow and will grow some where no hair was before… i’m considering it. but its like $125 (eeeeks! a bit steep for me) BUT its a 4 month supply…. so maybe if i come into some extra money…

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