Accidental Lunch Time Haul…


So I went to grab some lunch today @ the Korean market & decided to peruse the cosmetics/bath aisle and found a couple interesting things!

First thing on the left is the Japanese Shiseido Perfect Oil Cleansing Oil.  Cleansing Oil is an AMAZING thing to clean ur face off at night and this piqued my curiosity.  I’ve tried a few and this was one I haven’t tried.

The bottle in the middle is a Japanese Shiseido misting spray.  I guess it’s suppose to do what MAC’s Fix + does.  You spray it on your face after you’ve done your makeup and it refreshes you.  It’s called face & body lotion on the bottle.  I tried it and I actually like the way it feels! 🙂  It keeps my makeup looking fresh throughout the day so YAY! I’m excited about it!

Then the bottle to the very right is a Japanese(?) or Korean(?) brand foaming face wash.  It’s PEACH scented and it smells WONDERFULLY PEACHY!  I couldn’t resist… it smelled too good.  I probably looked crazy at the store sniffing the tube a couple times before I threw it in my basket.

And last but not least, the infamous Glossimer I know none of you missed lying down across the picture.  That right there is my FIRST Chanel Glossimer in Sungold.  It’s ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  And NO… I know all of you are wondering: “what grocery store sells Chanel?” hehehe… I got it from the cosmetics boutique NEXT DOOR to the market.  It was their last one and it was a total steal for $15 (retail: $27)!!! So ofcourse I said my 4 famous words “SURE I’LL TAKE IT!”  I’m loving the gloss. It’s so NOT sticky like other glosses… I have a feeling this is the beginning of a BAD obsession.  I’ve already gotten myself into a BAD EXPENSIVE obsession with balls… Guerlain Meteorites Balls (you nasty minded you!)

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