I feel prettttyyyy…. oh so pretttyyyyy…

I’ve been in a makeup and hair rut for a few good weeks.  Maybe even months.  It started with the makeup.  I was not putting any on! just foundation to even out skin tone and thats about it. NO eyebrows, no liner, no gloss (maybe some chapstick).  I got tired of looking at myself looking like death was looming behind me so I decided maybe if I get my hair done (digiperm), it’ll inspire me to start getting all made up again.  That didn’t happen.  I still went with my same old routine of throwing my hair  up with my lil hair stick.  The only difference was, it had a little more style than when I use to just tie it up and it would be stick straight.  I don’t know where the inspiration came from… maybe watching youtube tutorials? idk… but its back and I hope it’s here to stay… 🙂  This is me today:  Happy and Smiling!


and noooo… I’m not gonna list a breakdown of my FOTD.  If u wanna know just ask 🙂

Today is also my first day of using Guerlain Meteorite Balls on my face and its FAAAAANTASTIC!!! i LOVE it 🙂  It gives a nice finish as a setting powder.



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3 responses to “I feel prettttyyyy…. oh so pretttyyyyy…

  1. Jewel Villamater


  2. kat

    I cant believe you got those damn balls. I am sooo jealous!!!

  3. Grace

    Do you recommend that digi perm place you went to? In a hair rut too and want to change things a bit.

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