A lil sumptin’ sumptin’ mmmm hmmmm

So I’ve been very bad at updating.  Especially my hauls and what not.  April was a busy haul month for me and hopefully i find some time to catch you all up to date.  May came and I slowed down on the spending cuz I just didn’t want anything anymore.  …… but of course that didnt last long.  Its now towards the end of May and I was walking around when I came across a lil boutique.  I went in, walked around and decided… EH =/  i could live without all this.  NO need to spend.  Just as I was headed out, a stack of pink boxes caught my eyes.  Sitting on top of it was the testers… lo and behold… there sat little mini Guerlain Meteorite BALLS!!!  I’ve been curious about these, but the price of the full size was what kept my curiosity in the bag.  BUT when I saw the set of THREE of their most popular colors, they stuck in my mind.  I didn’t initially buy it because I wasn’t sure if they were real.  I went back to a computer and did some research.  Turns out this set was an Asia exclusive and that it was not available in the U.S.  YEPPPP that kinda sold me over.  Having something not many have… 🙂  so of course, I went back after work and picked up a set for myself…  HERE ARE MY PRECIOUS:



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One response to “A lil sumptin’ sumptin’ mmmm hmmmm

  1. kat

    *sigh* sooo jealous!!

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