EEEEEEEKS!!! still bored w/ THE HAIR!

Sooooooooo… after a ton of reading online… I’ve decided to go ahead and take the plunge and get a Digital Perm 🙂

Im so tired of looking all blah and plainjane.  My hair falls flat and limp and its just stupid stupid asian hair.  I’m aiming for the big loose curls that i can easily pull down a bit and make it look like big waves.  I’ve got an appointment set up for Saturday @ 5pm & I’m scared as heck.  I’ve decided to go to THE  HAIR EPOCH in Japan town seeing as they probably are the ones with the most experience when it comes to dealing with my hair type.

Anyhoos.. IM EXCITED!  I’ll post pics up later of what I’m hoping it will look like! 🙂

BTW.. sorry I’ve been MIA. It’s been a BUSY month… but I’ll do a full update soon.



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2 responses to “EEEEEEEKS!!! still bored w/ THE HAIR!

  1. Jewel Villamater

    I want a Digital Perm! My hair is short though… I can’t wait for it to grow out 🙂

    But yay! Can’t wait to see pics!! 🙂

  2. kat

    OMG did you do it?? WWP

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