Sore Sore Sore

Judo was pretty awesome last night. We learned how to slam other people this time. We also learned 2 different kinds of pins. Poor girl I probably choked her with the boobs. LMAO! But the teacher says we have to use our chest to put pressure on them so they can’t get out of my death hold. LOL I’m talkin like I’m a walkin weapon after 2 classes. BUT I am proud to say I didn’t get pinned. I’m not about to let anyone pin me unless I wanted them to. *wink wink*

On another note our warm up exercises got me thinking. I need to work out. Like really start. Cuz I realized I’m using a lot of my energy during warm up so during grappling I have to work extra hard.

I’m excited though. This weekend I get to go shopping for my gi. A gi is what u call the outfit they wear. I hope they have a pink one!!! I doubt it though. Although it would be pretty flippin awesome cuz I look good in pink ^_^. I just have to find a martial arts store around here.

Alright enuff babbling out of me. Peace. *bows*


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