*SHAME ON YOU CHRIS BROWN!!!*  Jay-Z was right-on when he referred to Chris Brown as a dead man walking.  I feel sorry for his fresh young butt.. LITERALLY… cuz when he goes to jail for doing this, & them convicts find out he’s in there for beatin on a woman… they’re gonna have their way with him & his tight lil booty alright…

*BOYCOTT CHRIS BROWN!!!*  I’m suprised the radio stations, especially out here in L.A., are still playin his sh*t on the radio!  Shoulda started the long hard lesson he’s gonna learn from all this by pulling his songs off the air.  Let him feel it.  It’ll affect his reputation, career, and his pocket too.  Maybe next time he’ll think about his actions and their consequences before he acts on impulse.  I DONT CARE what Rihanna said to him to put him over the edge and into his fit of rage. He has NO RIGHT to hit a woman and to go as far as beating her and choking her to the point where she passed out, he really needs a good wake up call.  He’d be the perfect candidate to make an example out of.  They’ve done it to Paris, they need to do it Chris Brown.  It’s a damn shame and if I was his momma, he woulda BEEN bent over my lap gettin the ass whoopin of a life time & I sure as hell woulda been EMBARASSED to say his no good, hittin, beatin ass was my kid.

I actually liked Chris Brown… key work: liked. But this just shows me that he is still a spoiled, immature lil kid with too much money in his pockets.  He needs to keep his ass in Virginia or where ever the hell he is right now cuz L.A. is team RiRi and he WILL get chased out…


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