My Valentine’s Meatloaf

As ya’ll know… my hunny is an extraodinary cook! 🙂  He’s got mad skillz in the kitchen.  Although he makes many intricate, detailed meals for us, one of my faaaaaves of all time is a simple meatloaf! *nom nom nom*  It’s been a tradition for us to make meatloaf on specials holidays.  It all started when he asked me what cake I wanted for my 22nd birthday and i said meatloaf instead of cake.  LoL… he still find me weird to this day, BUT he loves me and makes me meatloaf during special holidays like christmas, bday and now valentine’s day!  This one is extra special… I’m sure you can see why 😉

My Heartshaped Meatloaf

My Heartshaped Meatloaf

Now add some buttered white rice and filipino banana ketchup and OMGGG  you’re set! 🙂



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2 responses to “My Valentine’s Meatloaf

  1. ktb

    OMG! He’s the biggest dork! Thats adorable. *smooches*

  2. So sweet… banana ketchup – mmm.

    Will will have to teach Lukie some tricks. He’s not much of a cook. He’s learning from me though 🙂

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