my CHANEL is finally here!!! Rose Bronze JC

*runs around in circles*  the man in the brown outfit waltzed into the office & set my package up on the counter… unfortunately i couldn’t open it right away cuz i was in the middle of assisting the doctor with a procedure… and i was trying to fight the urge to pass out from watching her peel the gums away from the tooth to expose more of the teeth. *blaaaargh* i literally had to look the other way.  and just kept thinking about my chanel in the lil brown box to keep myself from hurling…

here’s my pretty pretty….

cimg3794cimg3796cimg3799i’m super duper excited cuz this is my first chanel.  well techinically my first chanel was in highschool about 5 years ago.  it was a blush like this from my friend monicah’s mom.  i’ve already used up all of that blush and never got another one. (i couldnt bring myself to spend $42) on one friggin blush… BUT i was on a spending spree online ordering my hello kitty mac and threw one in the cart without giving it another thought.  but its all good. mom said she still hasnt gotten me a christmas or bday present yet so she’s probably just gonna pay for this one which means i DIDNT spend $42 on a blush.

okay done blabbing.. gonna go play with my ROSE BRONZE 🙂


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One response to “my CHANEL is finally here!!! Rose Bronze JC

  1. ktb

    awww! thnks for sharing.

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