mistress day….

dead-rose*ugh* I was on my way to work this morning and heard the most repulsive thing on the radio!!!  I never knew that Feb. 13th has been dubbed as MISTRESS DAY.  Apparently restaurants are just as busy today as they are on Valentine’s day.  That’s because all the philandering men are out galavanting with their mistresses tonight.  Taking them out to dinner and such because they are reserving Feb 14th for their wife to eliminate any and all suspicions… *barf*

Adultery, cheating, affairs, infidelity and unfaithfulness is a big fat NO NO in my book.  It’s sad to see what this world has come to!  Such choices ruin many beautiful relationships.  It’s all the work of the Devil I tell you.  Nothing good comes out of an affair.  All it brings is hurt and distrust.

Some get over it and move on, while some take it a bit harder and feels its not worth living anymore.  So to everybody, please think before you act.  If you are someone who’s been cheated on, please forgive the person and move on with or without them.  It’s not healthy to hold a grudge.  If you are the cheater, please realize what you are doing to someone you supposedly love.  And if you are one of the lucky ones who are given a second chance, remember: just because you’ve been forgiven doesn’t mean it’s been forgotten.  It’s gonna have to take a lot of work for you to gain someone’s trust again.  and don’t forget…your reputation: tarnished.

As for me n my hunny… tonight he’ll be @ home cooking me dinner

Ladies: where’s your man gonna be tonight???


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  1. Jewel Villamater

    This is saaaad. We are actually “celebrating” VDay tonight vs. tomorrow because we thought it would be less busy. HAHA… Oh well!!

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