dream house…

so will has this obsession with looking at BEAUTIFUL homes online.  he has fallen in love with 2 that’s pretty near our current place. It’s saturday night & we couldn’t sleep so @ 1:30 am, we decided to drive around n look at the houses during our drive through hollywood and sunset/beverly hills area…

we actually made it to both houses 🙂  they were just a couple blocks away from each other… and u can’t see too much from the outside, but i’ll link ya to the listing online. they’ve got a slide show of inside of the homes… btw.. the views in these homes are TO DIE FOR!

1377 Miller... House #1

1377 Miller... House #1

Here’s the site for house #1… watch the slideshow! 🙂

House #2

House #2

i’ll link later…

and after our rendezvous we got nachos & ice cream from ralphs. yummmmm 😛


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  1. Typical Hollywood homes… sigh. Wish I was there 🙂

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