old skool pic of the day…



Bwahahahaha… man this pic is now like 5 years old. 🙂

story: my friend carla worked @ a silver jewelry cart at the mall.  went to visit her and saw the new inventory.  SPINNING RIMS PENDANT! i HAD to put it on and take a pic with it of course.  threw on my gangsta hat (which i got from my last visit to NY) and put on my grimiest face.  alls im missin is a grill which i didnt forget to add in this pic:

LiL' Jane... YeaYAH!

LiL' Jane... YeaYAH!

as for my gangstar hat in the first pic… i miss it! it was the best souvenir i got.  some really talented sidewalk artist drew on that hat with markers. it had DJ (my initials) on it and some LOSER felt like they had to steal it… SERIOUSLY?!? a girl’s hat with her initials on it??? O.o anyways if ya’ll know who it was please tell me so i can beat them up for wearing a girl’s hat. 🙂


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  1. Jewel Villamater

    Haha… YOU KNOW I can always get you a new one 😉 If you get me make up, I’ll get you your hat! LOL… jk.

    But not kidding about still getting it for you 🙂

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