me & mom time

took a nap earlier… now i cant sleep. its 1:30 am.  so i went to my mom’s.

back story: i’ve lived in hollywood, ca.  for going on three years now.  i was living peacefully in my 20 unit, fully furnished apartment building with my hunny william. a lil after my 2nd yr, mom came to stay with us for about 2 weeks while she was looking for a place of her own.  the manager tells us a unit has opened down the hall and he’d give it to her if she wanted it.  she was having a hard time finding a place that will take dogs, but our apartment allowed them so of course she accepted the offer.  after moving away from my parents, here’s my mom living literally a hop, skip & a step away again.

don’t get me wrong, i dont mind.  when i get hungry i run down the hall and there’s always food waiting :-).  filipino food.  something i dont get to have very often. so yay!

she’s sleeping on the couch now with the doggies.. fred & ginger.  my laptop is completely dead so i decided i’ll just update here on her comp.  im distracted by the infomercial playing in the background.  they keep talking about colon walls, pounds of fecal matter, poop and stuff. …bleh… i think its time to go.

g’night! *mwah*

me (L) & mom (R) goofin around in the car

me (L) & mom (R) goofin around in the car


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  1. Like mother like daughter DEFINITELY! LOL. Please give her a kiss and a hug from me!!

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