fighting the urge….to CUT THE HAIR (again)

got the ULTA catalog yesterday and saw a pic on page 9.  suddenly, i have this crazy urge to cut my hair again.

lately i been feeling like i’ve totally abandoned hair styling all together.  and putting all my effort & time into makeup.  regardless how good the makeup looks, a look is never complete.  i feel the hair tops off the feel of the makeup.  im tired of looking like a plain jane.  i’ve also been feeling like my face is too big and i need to cover some of it with hair… actually my whole head is huge according to will.

yay or nay??? tell me in the comments below!

i like the bangs, but ill keep my length

i like the bangs, but ill keep my length

by the way, december 2007, i got a haircut similar to this. i kept the length and got the bangs… BUT it was like TEH FAIL! the bangs came too far out on the sides like nearly to my ears when its clearly suppose to end where your eyebrows end… so its safe to say that when i tied my hair back i looked like i had a bowl cut.  bowl cut = ugly 10 year old boy.  and go figure i have a boy name: DARYL. yeahhh i got some confused look. a boy with b(*)(*)bs???

im willing to give it another try cuz i like the thought of bangs. so i will DEFINITELY be going to a different person AND bringing a picture as well…


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One response to “fighting the urge….to CUT THE HAIR (again)

  1. Jewel Villamater

    Ooo… good cut. But yes, finding a new stylist STINKS.

    Just think through the cut & style. For me I always think through these type of things:
    *bangs = potential bad hair days, always in your eyes, always needing to trim, might look funny when you want to grow it out again
    *short style = not being able to pull it back, depending on the style you might always have to do it in the morning, it might be a style where you always have to match it with what you wear

    There’s a lot more I think through but don’t want to bore you. LOL. Try a medium angled bob. That helps cover the face. And that style goes with full set of bangs, swept to the side bangs, or no bangs at all. You saw my birthday pics. Something like that but longer. Like just at your shoulders.

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